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Willow Weep for Me

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More of Real Easy Jazz II

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Real Easy Jazz Volume II

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Volume II is coming out soon! Learn 10 new tunes… Post your comments !! 🙂

all the best, Claude


Real Easy Jazz Guitar Course is Here!

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Yes, it’s finally ready for sale 🙂

Check it out to see what all the fuss is about:



Here’s that Rainy Day

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This is one of the jazz standards that you’ll learn in the
Real Easy Jazz Guitar Course.

It’s called “Here’s That Rainy Day”.

I didn’t know the first note of this second yesterday. Yet,
I was able to learn it very quickly from this course.
You can do the same!

This is the fast, easy way to learn jazz.

Anyway, check it out:

Hey guitarists!

Claude here…

Official Launch Date for Real Jazz: October 6th, Tuesday, 12 Noon EST.
That’s 11 AM Central, 10 AM Mountain , and 9 AM Pacific Time.

I’ll have a countdown timer for you so you can be ready…

Course includes:

3 Full Length DVDs…
A Huge Physical Black Book of Jazz Standards (over 230)
Plus, Clay’s Real Easy Jazz Guidebook

Get ready to be one of the first people to order.

If you order in the first 15 minutes, you’ll be eligible
to win an Ibanez Artcore Jazz Guitar.

Check out out this sample clip:


Sample Video from Real Easy Jazz Guitar

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It’s the Claudester here again…

Ok, so here’s a couple of announcements:

1. I just posted a sample clip of the Real Easy
Jazz Guitar Course. I think it’s hot! (see below)
Notice that Clay Moore is using a black and gold
Ibanez Artcore guitar!

I actually bought that guitar for him to use on the
video shoot (so he didnt have to travel with his
ultra-expensive jazz guitar), and I ended up liking it
so much that I started playing on it all the time.

I thought it would be cool though to give away
an Ibanez Artcore as part of this course, but this
guitar was too cool to give away , so I’m keeping
it, he he (the black one)…So I had to buy
another one (the red one) for YOU…

Btw, The video quality is a little low only on the sample clip below.
It looks fine on the disc.

2. Real Easy Jazz Guitar is going to be available on…
(drum roll please….) October 6th! At 12:00 noon EST.
Mark your calendar!

3. How to win the Ibanez Artcore:

Ok, ok, now I know some of you are going to whine and
moan about this, but YES, you do need to grab a copy
of Real Easy Jazz Guitar in order to win.

This isn’t some ‘free for all sweepstakes’ , this guitar

I may do a contest in the future where anyone can just
win a guitar, but this baby is for the movers and shakers.

So, here’s the scoop. Anyone who orders in the FIRST
15 MINUTES will be eligible to win.

If you order in the first 15 minutes, we’ll put your name into a hat, and then select one person at random…

So, be ready right at noon on Tuesday the 6th… You’ll have
15 minutes to review the offers and enter your information.

Good luck! Don’t miss out!

Next post I will reveal more about the course…

“The name’s Johnson… Claude Johnson…”

After filming my wacky “007” video,
I’m afraid that I’m letting my “secret agent”
status swell my head.

Nah, just kidding 🙂

Yes, the video was a joke – I didn’t REALLY break
into anywhere.

I wouldn’t do that… I’m classy… LOL.

No, but seriously, the “Illegal Cryptic Black Book
of Jazz Secrets” is not a joke.

It’s very real.

It is a huge collection of over 230 jazz standards,
and once you own it, your path to playing jazz guitar is
clearly lit.

This book is so hot because it not only contains all
the best jazz tunes, but it is laid out for you
in ultra-precise detail…

You get the exact chords AND the exact melody, so
the music is all right there for you. All you need
to do is translate it onto the guitar.

The secrets to jazz lie deep within the standards.
Once you start playing some jazz tunes, you start
to unlock the magic.

You start to see, hear, and experience firsthand how
chords and melody come together to form amazing sounds.

This collection of jazz tunes was actually ILLEGAL…
Because it was put together by musicians without
giving credit to, or compensating the original

I’m talking about both guitar legends like Wes Montgomery
and George Benson… and also “non-guitar” jazz legends
like Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, and many others.

Their jazz tunes sound great on the guitar too.

Anyway, not only was this book illegal, but it was
cryptic and confusing for the beginner guitarist,
because there are no tabs.

It can be hard to tell how to play the different chords,
what voicings to use, how to combine the chords
and melody, what key centers are being used, or
how to improvise over the tunes, or even play
them convincingly.

So who can decode this for you?

That’s where the course “Real Easy Jazz Guitar” comes in.

I hired one of the best jazz guitar instructors I could
find: His name is Clay Moore. He’s a great player,
a great teacher, and an all around cool cat.

We filmed 3 DVDs of him explaining exactly how to decode
these jazz standards and turn them into real music
on the guitar that’s easy to play and easy to understand.

Not only does he go over the basic chords, scales, and
arpeggios that you need to know, but he also goes
DEEP into 10 of the best jazz standards.

Now back to that illegal book:

I spent the better part of the year working with music
publishers to gain access to this former illegal
book, so your copy is not only fully legal, but
we also can show you on video exactly how to play
these songs.

Once you go through this course, you will never be
the same.

You’ll know exactly how to proceed with jazz. Your
path will be fully illuminated. You’ll have
10 killer jazz tunes under your belt with hundreds
more to choose from.

Stay tuned, because next time I’m letting more
cats out of the bag – I’ll tell you what songs
are being included and also show you a video
clip of Clay in the new course.

Hey now…

It’s Claude Johnson. Whaddup.

Part of this blog post (the greatest jazz guitar secret ever)
is for real. The other part (the video) is a joke.

Just so we’re clear, lol…

Ok, seriously, I am about to share with you the god honest
greatest jazz guitar secret ever.

Are you ready? Are you paying attention? This one
secret I’m about to tell you right now is priceless.

Ok, the greatest jazz guitar secret of all time is…

Learn to play jazz standards.

That’s it.

How simple and profound.

By standards, I mean those classic songs that are tried and true,
best of the best, quintessential jazz songs. They are referred
to as “standards” in the jazz community.

Take for example, my own videos – the ones on this blog.
Some guitarists are wondering what is the secret to
being able to play jazz like that.

Well, what did I do?? I played Autumn Leaves and Satin Doll,
2 jazz standards!!!

WOW. Imagine the possibities for you.

Now here’s the really exciting news: The Real Easy Jazz Guitar
Course is going to include a whopper of a collection of jazz

In fact, I jumped over some serious hurdles, and I “unearthed”
a secret, previously illegal black book “bible” of authoritative
jazz standards.

Howev,er in the Real Easy Jazz Guitar Course, you get something even
MORE important than a great collection of music. You get the OTHER
CRITICAL SECRETS you need to be able to decode jazz guitar, play
the standards, to add your own touch, and also and to improvise with them.

Together, the huge book of standards PLUS the EASY and STRAIGHTFORWARD
explanations on 3 DVDs from one of America’s top jazz pros… are what makes this course
one of the best guitar learning products ever.

Yes, this book WAS illegal for copyright reasons, but now Guitar Control
is making it legally available to you. All this is 100% true.

Now, the wacky video for you… (this part is a joke, please dont take me too seriously)…
I broke into the national jazz archives and stole this illegal black book for your benefit 🙂

Check it out:

And post your comment , please 🙂 GO! – Claude